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Global diversity of gastrotrichs (Gastrotricha) in fresh waters

Authors:Maria Balsamo, Jean-Loup d’Hondt, Jacek Kisielewski and Lara Pierboni

Abstract:The global diversity of inland water Gastrotricha is poorly known, and information is extremely heterogeneous. Gastrotricha have been studied most widely in Europe and America, whereas data from the other continents are scattered or not even available. This scanty information is related to several reasons, first of which is the technical difficulty in collecting and studying microscopic and soft-bodied species. In addition, the research has been limited mostly to the epibenthos and periphyton in lentic waters, and the gastrotrich taxonomy is still under discussion mainly because of the great intraspecific variability. Three of the five freshwater families are widespread or cosmopolitan, and most genera have been reported from at least two continents. There is strong evidence of a high diversity in genera and species in tropical areas. Nearly a half of the freshwater species are known from only one country or even only from one site, but the insufficient faunistic knowledge does not allow defining them as endemic. The phylogenetic relationships and possible evolutionary trends of inland water species of Gastrotricha are outlined.

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