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Nematoda group

This checklist is a preliminary version. We welcome any comments on the current version, please get in touch with the principal taxonomic editor Ursula Eisendle-Flöckner in case you spot any errors or have comments on the checklist. Classification as given in Andrássy (2007) for Tobrilidae (revision required).


Eisendle-Flöckner, U., Decraemer, F., Abebe, E., De Ley P. 2017 April 26, World checklist of freshwater Nematoda species. World Wide Web electronic publication. Available online at [date accessed]
[26 Apr 2017]

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Log file

the data file(s) was(were) : received on   01 Mar 2017 ,  validated on  11 May 2017  and   published on   11 May 2017


Editorial Board Database

principal editor   Ursula Eisendle-flöckner ,
coeditors      Decraemer, F; Abebe, E; De Ley P.





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